Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with SOPs

Are you tired of wasting time because you forgot how to do something?

Are you drowning in chaos or struggling to maintain consistency?

Are you overwhelmed every time you train a new employee?

The Smart Influencer SOP & Team Manager is

the ULTIMATE solution for streamlined processes!


Get complete access to the entire system today for only $67

Have you ever wondered
what you business would be like if...

...you had clear, organized SOPs to guide and train you and your team? 


All of your processes are clear and organized so you can quickly execute tasks with consistency and precision.

Manage your business like a confident CEO. Take the guess work out of your operations and gain clarity and confidence.

We've done all of the hard work so you don't have to! Just add your data and start using it. You don't need any tech, spreadsheet or database experience. It's that simple. We promise.

Does this sound like you...

You know you need SOPs for your business but you just don't know where to start. There are so many pieces that it seems like an impossible task.

You've tried creating checklists and tutorials but you became overwhelmed by the process and gave up.

You want to hire some help to grow and scale your business, but the thought of training a new hire is too challenging.

We did all of the hard work for you. You don't need to learn a new system or spend hours customizing it to fit your needs.

Stay on top of your SOPs and your team data. Everything is organized in a clear, easy-to-use system.

Hire new team members with ease! Use our proven system to create your SOPs and manage your team with ease.

The Smart Influencer SOP & Team Manager has everything you need in one place! 
If you can copy and paste, you can use this system! 

Smart Influencer SOP Manager  (Value $347)

Smart Influencer Team Manager (Value $347)

Quick Start Video Tutorials ($17)

BONUS 1: Job Position & Application Manager ($27)

BONUS 2: Team 1099 Report (Value $27)

BONUS 3: Pre-Built Interfaces ($27)

BONUS 4: Team Dashboard Templates (Value $27)

Total Value = $897
Take a Look Inside! 
What You Get with SISTEM
Smart Influencer SOP Organizer 
(Value $347)


ACCESS ANYWHERE: Cloud-based system keeps your data safe so you can access it on any device.

STAY UP-TO-DATE: It's easy to update your information when things change.  

EASY NAVIGATION: We've made it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Smart Influencer Team Manager
(Value $347)

ORGANIZE CRITICAL INFO: Organize and store all of your team information in one central place.

ONBOARD WITH EASE:  SISTEM is integrated so you can onboard and train your team seamlessly. 

TRACK TIME: It's easy to collect and evaluate team time cards.  

MANAGE TASKS: Turn your SOPs into an organized knowledge base for your team.

Quick Start Video Tutorials
(Value $17)

Start using SISTEM as soon as you get it.  The Quick Start Video Tutorials walk you through the entire system making it easy to navigate. 

Job Positions and Applications Manager
(value $27)

Hiring new team members?  SISTEM's Job Positions and Applications Manager make it easy to collect and analyze applicants. 

Team 1099 Report 
(value $27)

Do you have team members that you need to 1099 each year?  The Team 1099 Report identifies these team members and provides helpful information to make tax time easier. 

Easy-to-Use Interfaces 
(value $27)

SISTEM is built in Airtable, a free online tool.  With SISTEM, you get custom Airtable Interfaces (a brand new Airtable feature) making it very easy to access, update and use your information. 

Team Dashboard Template 
(value $27)

If you work with employees, contractors, virtual assistants, interns or other team members you can use the Team Dashboard Template to create customized dashboards for each team member to manage their personal information, submit time cards and manage their assigned tasks. 

Total Value = $897
How the Smart Influencer SOP & Team Manager Works

When we decided it was time to get organized, we tried all of the tools (spreadsheets, Asana, Trello, Click Up, Monday, Infinity, etc.).  But we quickly found that each of these tools fell short in someway.    We needed a tool that would let us manage all aspects of our now flourishing businesses so that we could scale larger and faster and keep things from slipping through the cracks.  

Enter Airtable.  

Airtable has all of the functionality of a database, a spreadsheet and project management software, all rolled into one.  It's a cloud-based system used by companies like Expedia, Nike, and AT&T.   It's end-to-end encryption is one of the best in the industry.  Not only is it incredibly easy and safe to use, but, the most amazing part is, we only need the FREE plan to manage EVERY aspect of our complex businesses. No extra fees or costs.  

We know not everyone delights in spreadsheets the way we do, we designed the SISTEM so that anyone can open it up and use it without ever having to mess with formulas or calculations - those are all built-in to the system. You don't need any tech, spreadsheet or database experience to use the system.   Just open it up and start adding your information.  We promise, it's that simple.

We've done all of the hard work, so you don't have to! 
This is IDEAL for the following

BLOGGERS including food, lifestyle, parenting, travel, entertainment and other niches.

INFLUENCERS including YouTube and TikTok creators, Instagram power users and other social media influencers.

ENTREPRENEURS of any size from any industry.

BUSINESSES OF ANY SIZE whether you have a full team or are a sole proprietor

It's perfect for ANY PROFESSIONAL that wants an organized system for organizing and sharing their processes and procedures and managing their team.  

We know how much of a STRUGGLE
it can be to gather everything that may be needed.

We get it, because we've been there.

As bloggers ourselves, we understand that most of the processes in our businesses aren't documented or organized. From time to time we may write down or record some processes but, let's face it, most of it is in our heads.

Just the thought of compiling all of this information is stressful.  Not to mention coming up with an organized way to share it with our teams.  

We were overwhelmed.  That's when we created SISTEM.  

Now, we have an organized system to document, manage and share our SOPs with our team. Not only was it easy to add all of our information to SISTEM, but it's also easy to update when things change (and we all know that things change in this industry). 

Plus, our team members love how easy to access and understand everything because it was all in ONE PLACE. 

 We want you to have the same organized system we have.

How SISTEM Gets (and keeps) you Organized

STOP WASTING TIME SISTEM is built so everything is stored in a cloud-based system that's easy to access anywhere and from any device. No more searching for information needed to do a job.

 WE'VE DONE ALL THE HARD WORK FOR YOU  You don't need to figure out what to include or how to organize it.  All you need to do is open up SISTEM and start using our pre-built SOP template.  We've set it all up for you. 

MAKE ONBOARDING & TRAINING EASIER Bringing your team up to speed on your processes and tasks can be time consuming.  SISTEM makes it super easy to share your SOPs with your team so they can access the information at any time. 

You Might Be Wondering...
  • What the heck is Airtable and how much does it cost?
    Airtable is like a spreadsheet and a database had a baby. You get the data management function of a database but the calculation and analysis functions of a spreadsheet.

    We built The Smart Influencer SOP & Team Manager on Airtable's free plan so you don't have any other added costs. You will need to create a FREE Airtable account. Simply copy and paste this link into your browser to get started: https://airtable.com/invite/r/5esq8Ore

    There is also a paid version, if you want to do even more. And, you can use Airtable on ANY device - computer, phone or tablet. For free.
  • What if I'm moving from Trello, Asana, etc.?
    No problem! Airtable provides a streamlined process for migrating your data from other tools into the Airtable system. We even provide instructions in our Quick Start Tutorial.

  • What if my team members are used to using a different system (like Trello or Asana)?
    The great thing about Airtable and The Smart Influencer SOP & Team Manager is you can customize your team members' views so they are similar to what their used to (such as a Kanban view for Trello users).
  • What if I'm moving from Trello, Asana, etc.?
    No problem! Airtable provides a streamlined process for migrating your data from other tools into the Airtable system. We even provide instructions in our Quick Start Tutorial.

  • How long do I have access to SISTEM?
    Forever. And ever.


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